Resident Evil (1996 Original Soundtrack + Original Soundtrack Remix)


Vinilo 180gr / 3 discos / empaque slipcase


Original Soundtrack
A1 Disappearance
A2 At Deep Mountains And Dark Valleys, The Night Begins
A3 Panicked
A4 The One Who Survives
A5 Wandering About
A6 Forest Found Dead
A7 Peace Of Mind (Save Theme)
A8 The Moonlight Sonata
A9 Fatal Bite
A10 A Testator
A11 Yawn
A12 After-effect
A13 Murder Of Crows
A14 Ivies’ Domain
A15 Vacant Flat
A16 What You Hear Is…
A17 Flooded Corridor
A18 Plant 42
A19 Battling The Vines
A20 Deception
A21 Unexpected Crisis (The Nimble One)
A22 Sigh Of Relief
B1 The Horror Never Ends
B2 Hunter Attacks
B3 The Survivor From Bravo Team
B4 Rebecca Forsaken
B5 Queer Structure
B6 Now I’ve Done It
B7 Narrow And Close
B8 Underground
B9 Trust Or Not
B10 A Gunshot – Enrico Dies
B11 Requiem
B12 Concealed Passage
B13 Black Tiger
B14 The Depth (Far From The Sun)
B15 Concrete Bound
B16 Disclosed Secret
B17 Double-crosser
B18 Barry Gets Revenge
B19 Treat To Awful Fright
B20 5 Minutes Until Explosion
B21 Finally The Two Met
B22 Tyrant
B23 Still Dawn
Original Soundtrack Remix
C1 Terror (Darkness Lives)
C2 At Deep Mountains And Dark Valleys, The Night Begins
C3 The One Who Survives
C4 Fatal Bite
C5 Wandering About
C6 A Testator
C7 The Moonlight Sonata
C8 Yawn
D1 Peace Of Mind
D2 Dismal Field
D3 Ivies’ Domain
D4 Vacant Flat
D5 What You Hear Is…
D6 Flooded Corridor
D7 Plant 42
D8 Deception
E1 Unexpected Crisis (The Nimble One)
E2 Queer Structure
E3 Sigh Of Relief
E4 Narrow And Close
E5 Trust Or Not
E6 Requiem
E7 Concealed Passage
E8 Black Tiger
F1 The Depth (Far From The Sun)
F2 Disclosed Secret
F3 Concrete Bound
F4 Double-Crosser
F5 Treat To Awful Fright
F6 10 Minutes Until Explosion
F7 Finally The Two Met
F8 5 Minutes Until Explosion
F9 Tyrant
F10 Still Dawn

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Información adicional

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